Affordable real estate development, expertise in Western properties.

Land Ho! specializes in real estate acquisition and developing accessible, affordable, and dignified housing in areas of rural Nevada, California, and other Western states underserved by contractors and large developers.

Above: a Land Ho! property in Elko County, Nevada. Contact us today for your opportunity to own this view!

We know the rural West, and we develop where the others do not.

Land Ho! works directly with homebuyers, as well as with real estate investors, to facilitate every step of the process of residential development.

Land Acquisitions

With expert knowledge of the lands of the rural West, we know just how to identify, investigate, and acquire the property of your dreams.

Single-Family Home Development

We develop and sell affordable homes in areas ignored by most large developers, particularly in small communities facing housing shortages.

From Eureka to Eureka

(Nevada and California, that is.) No corner of the Silver State or the Golden State is too far, and we love developing in challenging locations.

Financed Home Building

Whether you or we find the land, we finance development of your single-family home so that you can buy it with a mortgage.*

Modular and Manufactured Housing

Our network of preferred manufactured home builders and contractors allow us to help you find or build the perfect home at the right price.

Consulting Services

From tax-defaulted property investing techniques, to GIS analysis and aerial imaging, our experts provide the guidance you need.

We use technology and data science to bring new homes to the areas most in need of affordable housing.

It is no secret that many areas of the rural West are facing severe housing shortages. Land Ho! uses data-driven geospatial research to identify opportunities for developing dignified, high-quality single family housing in areas where the need is greatest.

For Homebuyers

  • We use state-of-the-art data analysis to help you find the perfect property for your home, if such a property is not already available in Land Ho’s portfolio.
  • Visualize your new home and landscaping with 3D models and in augmented reality (AR) prior to construction.
  • Even our most affordable homes can be built with the latest smart home technology to control lighting, thermostats, security cameras, and irrigation. We also connect you with the high-speed Internet (broadband) service provider who will best meet your needs, as well as install any necessary connectivity equipment.

For Investors

  • View tax-defaulted properties with easy-to-use interactive maps, on your computer and/or your mobile devices, making conducting due diligence faster than ever before.
  • Identify for-sale properties that meet your criteria using advanced geospatial analysis and modeling techniques.
  • Use curated public data and satellite/aerial imagery to explore property characteristics remotely.

We can’t wait to help you develop your affordable dream home.


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